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Delivering Sustainable Growth Strategies

The Bricktown Group provides financial and strategic results for our clients through our knowledge, experience, and relationships in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries. The Bricktown Group helps emerging food, beverage and nutraceutical companies address their enterprise challenges with a focus on delivering sustainable growth, profitability and competitive advantages.


  • Brand Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cost and Pricing Strategies
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Trade Promotion Execution
  • Business Plan and Financial Projections
  • Interim Executive Management
  • Customer Insights and Training
  • U.S. Import Mentor
  • Experienced Board Managing Director and Non-Executive Director
  • Restructuring Advisory

About Eric Skae & the Bricktown Group



The Bricktown Group is a leading food, beverage and nutraceutical consulting firm with extensive knowledge and experience across all key areas.  Led by Consumer Packaged Goods and Public Company veteran Eric Skae, the firm is focused on working collaboratively with our clients to bring innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation techniques to deliver industry-specific strategy consulting services.


Bricktown strives to deliver financial, operational and strategic results for our clients, both public and private.  Our experienced consulting services can take your food or beverage business to the next level.  The strategies we provide will help you drive sales for the competitive environment we live in.




Bricktown Group Office:

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Innovative Growth Consultants to the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industries

Over 50 years experience

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